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SexScopes: Get Ready for a Super-Hot June!

by Chani Nicholas May 21, 2014 05:48 PM EST
SexScopes: Get Ready for a Super-Hot June! Getty Images

This month, Mercury goes retrograde -- again (seems it has a bad habit of doing that). The communication planet will be in the backwards foxtrot from June 7 through July 1, making it a great time to rework, rewrite, review and restate your truths both in-between the sheets and out. There is a full Moon on June 12 in Sagittarius, and a new Moon in Cancer on the 27th. Mars is finally carving out its last go-round the track of a long retrograde ending May 19, making it easier to finally move forward in relationships and negotiations. Enjoy what you have -- because it’s really all you’ve got!

Now that your ruling planet -- Mars -- is going in its proper direction, you’re able to give more of yourself in intimate relationships. In fact, you’ve worked this terrain so thoroughly that you're practically an expert now. Either that or you’ve failed so miserably it’s now relationship summer school for you! Either way, it doesn’t really matter. In our modern culture, we've lost the ability to appreciate things that take time to cultivate. It’s very important that you don’t rush through this last bit of rocky road with your significant other because that process is precisely how you get to have better sex. Your erotic rush comes from being brave in your intimate affairs and bold in the revealing of your heart. Your gold this month is to be clear but kind, considerate but straightforward, willing and able to deliver in all situations that bring you face-to-face with foes, lovers and partners of all shapes and sizes. There's a tremendous amount that you're unable to control in your relationships and sex life right now, so it’s best to at least try to play submissive. In fact, the more willing you are to experiment with the rules that others lay out for you the more likely it is that you’ll experience a sweet surrender. The full Moon on June 12 wants you to open up to possibilities while adhering to the rules. It’s a bit of a paradox -- but most delicious things are. In fact, this whole month is trying to teach you about the pleasure associated with playing with the opposite side of the argument. The full Moon on June 27 lights up your Fourth House of home, making it important to be extra comfortable there, getting details just so. At the same time, it looks like you're getting the last of three very stimulating shots of cosmic espresso to your relationship. This either means that your energy is so strong it draws the same kind of magnetism to you or that it’s so strong it simply blows others away. That's why it’s good for you to move slowly through the beginning of the month. The end has some fireworks, and the more honest you are as you lead up to the event, the brighter the explosion!

With Venus in your sign (and one of the signs that it loves to be in) for most of the month, it’s definitely time to make the most of all of your Taurus traits. Delight in the delicious, savor the sensual, freak with your frisky friends and feel fertile whenever and however you can. The goddess asteroid Juno (the divine consort) is also in your sign. She is akin to a second Venus, making it time for some partnering, or some revitalization of the partners you're currently with. Both of these archetypes have a lot to say about erotic energy. Some may call this female sexuality and certainly it can pertain to that, but it also speaks to anyone's gender expression. Venus and Juno evoke the kind of erotic energy that shuts your mind up and turns the wisdom of your body on -- especially when they're in the earthy and bountiful sign of Taurus at the same time. The thing for you is that Saturn -- Mistress of Mortality and Siren of Severity -- has been in your Seventh House of relationships for over two years. You've had instant karma with the folks you choose to couple with, and there's a very real yearning for a grown up and sturdy container to pour your relationship energy into. This isn’t explicitly romantic though; it's also very helpful for your business partnerships. Boundaries are everything for you right now, and with the company of Venus and Juno you'll have to harness your desires until you know the parameters you're playing in. This month's full Moon in Sagittarius is occurring on June 12 in your Eighth House of letting go. Time to unravel the mysteries of your psychological makeup! It’s an investigative Moon that wants you to experiment with different ways of knowing what you know. Let go of your expectations. The new Moon in Cancer on June 27 in your Third House of communication pushes you to speak real words, reveal the secrets of your heart and trust the wisdom of your gut.

With the Sun and Mercury (your ruling planet) in your sign, you're back in your element. However, another Mercury retrograde is on its way. Mercury's backward dance is always a good time for you to hunker down and enjoy some good old-fashioned introspection. This is going to be an extra reflective period of time for you because Mercury will be retrograde mostly in your sign, and therefore very revealing in terms of how you handle yourself. On June 12 there's a full Moon in your Seventh House of romantic reflections and powerful partnerships. Not only that but Mars, the Goddess asteroids Vesta and Ceres, and the north node are all in the relationship-focused sign of Libra in your Fifth House of romance, love affairs and fantastic fevers. That’s a tremendous amount of energy in brewing in the parts of your life that have to do with connection, consideration, cooperation and copulation. However, it’s not all easy, breezy and beautiful. As Venus, Goddess of Love, rummages through your Twelfth House of loss and undoing, there's a certain level of the unknown you're dealing with in terms of romance. Don't get too reliant on your expectations of how things may roll out with any one person. Fun can be had in all sorts of circumstances no matter what your social standing. It’s always wonderful falling in love; it’s the landing that lets you know if it was worth the party or not. The new Moon in Cancer on June 27 occurs in your Second House of internal and external resources. This is the perfect opportunity to observe how you're coming to the table: When we come starving for attention, we tend to attract the very opposite. When we come filled with our own self worth, we are able to draw to us relevant relations, couplings that create instead of take, and sex that satisfies rather than starves us.

This month is all about your ability to release your ego’s desires. In terms of your sex life, this means that you'll be served by your willingness to call out your own misdirected yearnings and instead go for whatever feels like it connects you to your soul's intention. Romance is cute until the illusions evaporate and reality comes knocking. This month isn’t about purity per say, but it is about honesty. The sensations from instant gratification will leave quicker than they will linger. Both Venus, Goddess of Love, and the asteroid Juno, the Divine Consort, are gracing your Eleventh House of friends, groups and associations. This means that those of you who are looking for love can find some good possibilities by getting out to as many social events as possible. The problem is, you most likely will want to stay in the comforts of your shell. A good compromise might be to throw dinner parties and get good friends to bring over potential dates if you are single. If you already have love in manifest form, you will most likely need some intense one-on-one time followed by time completely on your own. Do not feel guilty about this! A healthy sex life depends on our ability to enjoy our time away from our lovers. You're still deep in the throws of finding your way into a truer sense of home and therefore are still finding your ground to stand on. Everything underneath your feet has been shifting for so long it may have left you more than a little exhausted -- but this is the point! The universe isn’t trying to wear you down; it's trying to get you to rise above the limitations of your versions of security. For your sex life, this means that you mustn’t let your fears stop you. If you're waiting to get comfortable you're going to miss the opportunities. If you feel you're being rejected, you can choose to see it as being protected. The new Moon in Cancer on June 27 is a doozy, double-dose of domestic discord. You need to get tough enough to let yourself be vulnerable, but not so vulnerable that you clam up and refuse to ever open again.

Either romance follows you to work this month, or your first love actually is your job right now. It does seem like the first three weeks of the month have you giving most of your creative juice (read sexual magnetism) to career opportunities. This isn’t at all a bad thing. Sometimes it’s wise to save our sexual energy for other uses than just exchanging fluids with another. This energy could very well get you noticed and create a lot of magnetism around you. Watch your jealousy, and temper your desire to control people at work. Focus on being gracious and steady and an attractive manifesto of true reflections. The full Moon on June 12 lights up your Fifth House of love, lust and everything that gets you shouting joyfully from the rooftops. At the same time, there's something pulling at you to be extremely responsible, reliable and respectful of your impact on others. Know the impact that you have on others and use it with great respect and reverence. One of the worst things that we can do is misuse our sexual power by manipulating others with it. Run this energy through your system in a very clear and considerate fashion and you’ll make some great strides. The new Moon on June 27 is a reflective experience for you that also asks for a paradox; speak your mind but have it come from a very deep place. Bold action is balanced with consideration and self-control this month, so see what you can do to strike a meaningful balance. Remember that one of the most alluring things is when you are in complete integrity with yourself. Feeling no need to rush to your process, jump to conclusions or compete for what you know is already yours allows you to use your energy for things that you know are right for you. This saves a whole lot of energy for all things that are fun.

Your sexy comes to you mostly via the mind this month -- but what else is new? Geeks are hot. However, the geeks you romance need to be physically savvy as well as intellectually savvy. To get you going, your dates need to be comfortable in their body and really comfortable making connections to yours. This is skin-on-skin luxury and sensual healing, baby. This month isn’t without its glitches, though. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is about to go into its next retrograde cycle and will therefore be slowing down to a standstill on June 7 in your Eleventh House of friends. This could trigger some confusion there, or at the very least some rehashing of friendship dynamics. However, what this Mercury Retrograde is really after is your career and social standing. Make sure you take time to retrace your steps in these domains so that you avoid being misinterpreted, overly reactive and overworked. These snafus can obviously tax and stress your sex life. By the looks of it, you're ready for some outward-bound adventures in this domain of your life, so it'd be nice if you had the time to explore. You're still working out your financial life, and this also tends to have a large impact on your ability to enjoy yourself and feel free enough to explore erotic options. Right now there's a correlation between your self-esteem and your ability to express your desires. It’s been this way for the last nine months and it’s coming to a close by late July. You're in the home stretch. If you’ve yet to make any significant structural changes in this area of your life, now is the time. You don’t need to carry any warped self-worth sabotage with you into the future or into the bedroom. The key for you is to let yourself know what you know -- especially when it comes to you through your intuitive knowing.

You're still in juicy territory for all things related to initiating action as it pertains to your deepest desires. You're also ripe to serving said desires, and not wasting your energy wondering if every single person in the room likes you. That’s an exaggeration, but it still holds truth. If you're lucky, you've used the past eight months to get in touch with what you want -- like what you really, really want -- and you absolutely refuse to give any of it up at this point. Hopefully you've learned the fine art of fighting for the love that's yours to fight for; Hopefully you've mastered the ability to let go of the things that don’t actually make your heart go pitter-patter; And hopefully you've learned how to know the difference between the two. The full Moon on June 12 will help you verbalize these sentiments and prompt you to reveal your revelations. Speak your truth and take a romantic risk. The new Moon on June 27 occurs in your Tenth House of career and social standing. You've had a tremendous amount of openings in this area of your life in the past year, and this is the wrap-up of the fortunate free-fall. The new Moon is also asking you to dig deeply into your understanding of doing things for a purpose that makes you feel like you're in line with your integrity. At the very same time, you're held to a very important task of reinventing or continuing your renovation on current relationship dynamics. This could very well be sexual, so if you're at all holding back from your lovers, it will start to manifest now as aggravating tension instead of a sexy opposition. Get creative, take a risk and tumble with tension -- why not? Opposites do attract and there's absolutely no need for you to stay in the familiar landscape of playing it safe with your heart. Try not to overthink things right now. Remember that Mercury is retrograde (June 7-July 1), so normal pathways to logic just don’t work.

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Your ruling planet, Mars, is finally going direct this month (cue: jump for joy!). Seriously, this has been one doozy of a retrograde for you, but Scorpio hasn’t had the easiest astrology in the past few years, so you’re probably used to hearing that from others. The good news is that astrology like this has a tendency to make you far more self-aware than you would ever choose to be. The other good news is that you are through the harder parts of it. May 14 brings you a full Moon in your sign, which will inspire you to do a few things: (1) Get sturdier in yourself, more comfortable in your sexuality and more accepting of your physical structure. (2) Take responsibility for your happiness and your expression of your feelings. No more victim; it isn’t sexy. (3) Listen to your partner even though it’s the last thing you want to do. Don’t get caught in a tug-of-war with your beloveds; you won’t win. Or, if you do, you’ll feel so lousy you won’t care. Just listen to them instead. Another thing that this month is practically begging you for is to learn some new tricks in the bedroom and be of greater service to your lovers. Don’t rely on the same-old same-old. Get spiritual with it. Get your maid outfit out. Get nerdy with an anatomy lesson. Did you know that the clitoris gets erect and hard when it’s aroused and then relaxes after orgasm, just like a penis? They both do, it’s true. Now go see for yourself!

This month's full Moon on June 12 is all you. She's in Sagittarius, making a trine with inventive, curious and rebellious Uranus in your Fifth House of getting down-and-dirty, no less. Make no mistake, this Moon wants to party! With the Sun spending the majority of June in your Seventh House of partnerships, this is certainly a time to focus on the fun that can be had with those folks that are at the same soiree as you. Mercury is about to retrace its steps through this same domain of your chart, making it a really important time to review your thoughts about intimacy and see if there isn’t some perspective to be gained in this area of your life. This month wants you to create space for more balance in your life. The planet responsible for bringing you romance is currently traveling through your house of work and all others things that might run you down and all around the town. This means that a lot of the energy you might normally spend on a loved one in between the sheets needs to be spent on more practical affairs. But it’s not all work and no play. All life is a balance, and this could keep your from throwing yourself off the deep end in terms of your all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to wanting more of everything. Make time for both; create balance instead of giving in to gluttony. This month's new Moon occurs in Cancer in your Eighth House of sometime-it's-good-to-cry-your-eyes-out. This is an emotional new Moon, and it has to do with letting go of our emotional expectations and false notions of safety. This doesn’t have to be sad though -- not if we're adept at instantly releasing what is not real. This kind of dynamic can also be experienced through intense and powerful orgasms, so have as many as you can as often as you want them!

What do you get when you mix a horny goat and a beguiled bull? A very fun June! Venus and Juno -- the two delicious and divine consorts -- have entered the sensual and scantily clad sign of Taurus in your Fifth House of sexy time. The presence of these two beauties may not be enough to rock you like a hurricane but the energy is there for you to focus on if you feel into it. June 12 brings a full Moon in Sagittarius, which for you spells more quiet time and less chaos. It’s also an interesting moment in terms of the erotic energy mentioned earlier because there's a certain level of responsibility that you're being asked to take on in terms of how you express this. Perhaps you're unaware of how you use your sexual energy in the world. Or perhaps this is yet another thing that you just aren’t allowed to get away with. There's a new Moon on June 27 that occurs in your Seventh House of relationships, making this a perfect time to purge all past exes and create space for something new. Even if you're in something now, carrying the baggage from past love affairs helps nothing -- especially your sex life. Erotic eruptions are much more likely to be deep, profound and fortifying if you can unclench from the past and make space for the present. Morbidity just isn’t cute. Whatever was at the top of the charts back then would now seem like the soundtrack to your prom: cute and nostalgic, but you’ve been there and done that. This new Moon is your once-a-year shot at refreshing your relationships, reinventing your romances and taking the lead on creating intimacy. Don’t miss it just because you're challenged to dig into deeper feelings that challenge your abilities to control your interactions. Remember Venus and Juno in your Fifth House, and promise your heart that you'll open up to a deeper understanding of love, sex and intimacy -- namely by not being a scaredy-cat!

Home is where the honey is for you this month. The Goddesses of fantastic feats of fornication -- Venus and Juno -- are in your Fourth House of home for most of the month. This means that your bedroom should be treated as a temple where sexual ritual takes place for the sole purpose of healing the body of any malady it has suffered, namely neglect. Get spiritual up in there, get intentional and get downright wooey-woo if it helps you. We're talking scented candles, fresh flowers, divine sheets, massage oil, music that excites but also soothes, long and luxurious baths -- anything else that helps you find your way back into the pleasure centers of the senses. Mercury will station retrograde on June 7 in your Fifth House of pleasure and play, so it's a wonderful time for you to review the things that help you enjoy life. It’s the perfect time to have conversations with your lovers about what you like -- and don't like -- about your recent romps. Preferences change and we all get lazy with the things we were once masters at. By the end of the month, both Venus and Juno have slipped into this house as well, so it’s best that you use the energy to sort out miscommunications from the get-go to ensure maximum pleasure getting it on.

With a full Moon on June 12 in your Tenth House of career, and a new Moon on June 27 in your Fifth House of romance, you have more than your month mapped out for you. In fact, Jupiter has been warming up your Fifth House of sexy time for the past year, and this month's new Moon is meant to fertilize any unlived potentials in this place of your life. Take a good look at what you’d like to manifest, and make an effort to bring your wishes forth. Think about your life in terms of how you're spending your sexual energy, your creative juice, your unique self-expression and your desires to dance to your own rhythms this lifetime. The most important thing for you to tend to now is your soul’s greatest desire. For some, this is about relationships but for many others this is about doing the work that you know you were born to do and not letting anything get in the way of that -- no matter what. It’s not that you have to choose which to have -- your greatest dreams realized or some good, good lovin’ -- but it's very important that you take a good honest look at your tendency to disperse your energy and potential in romantic affairs instead of just tending to your duties as a grown person. The full Moon on June 12 will help tip you off. If you're going in the right direction and managing to strike an even balance, then this Moon will signal a success in your public life. If you aren’t tending to both sides of the equation, then it’s likely your interest in said partners will peter out. You can be a fickle fish, but it’s you who has to hold your own attention by tending to multiple irons in the fire.

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